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Companies in Latvia

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  • Abava Ltd.
    The joint-stock company 'ABAVA' is located in Latvia's capital city of Riga, 8 km from the Riga Commercial Port. The commercial activities of the joint-stock company include warehousing services, customs warehouses and customs services, rent of office premises, wholesale and retail trade.
  • Administration of Road Transport
    The Ministry of Transport in terms of the Road Transport Department has delegated a wide range of its responsibilities to the Administration of Road Transport which, similar to such type of agencies in Europe and in the world, acts as an independent legal entity with the purpose of providing state services for the people involved in the road transport industry.
  • Baltic Sea Region Communications Forum
    Information about International Conference "The Baltic Sea Communications Forum. Information about International Conference "The Baltic Sea Communications Forum.
  • Banking and Finance in the Baltics
    Annual International Conference and Exhibition Banking and Finance in the Baltics.
  • Bank Communications Centre
    BKC provides data transmission services to many organisations and companies. Data transmission network design and development is a significant component of the JSC Bank Communications Centre services.
  • BMGS Marine Construction.
    The joint stock company BMGS, Plc. was founded in 1993, based on the Baltmorgidrostroy Trust which had in turn been founded in 1953 by the USSR Ministry of Transport Construction. The Company are engaged in port construction and other structures for merchant marine use in the Baltic Basin.
  • Bureau Veritas
    Since 1828, we have been using our in-depth technical and industrial knowledge to promote the safety of people and property, on land and sea, and to improve the quality of products and services across a wide range of industries.

  • Cido Food Group
    Cido Food Group was established in 1994, following the privatization of the Milgravis factory in Riga. The company specializes in the production and marketing of soft drinks including mineral water, fruit juices, and lemonades.
  • Diplomatic Service Agency
    The Statutes of the Company was registered in the Register of Enterprise on March 23, 1998. The Company is the legal successor of the rights, liabilities and properties of the State Stock Company Rosme.
  • Flora Woodworking Company.
    The woodworking firm Flora was founded in 1991 as a private enterprise solely owned by Mr Maris Buss. Situated in Jelgava, only 45 km from Riga, the company is a typical Latvian woodworking firm, using only local timber (Latvian or Northern pine).
  • Free Trade Union Federation of Latvia - LBAS
    On 25 May 1990 24 branch trade unions united and established Latvian Free Trade Union Federation to co-ordinate free and independent co-operation of the trade unions of Latvia.

  • Grindex
    We aim to maintain our position as the leading pharmaceutical company in the Baltic region.
  • Hanza Maritime Agency
    Hanza Maritime Agency is the oldest and most experienced shipping and forwarding agency in Latvian and has been operating in the port of Riga since 1991.
  • KPMG
    KPMG opened an office in Riga in January 1995 under the name of KPMG Latvia. Our Latvian practice provides a full range of auditing and business advisory services in co-operation with KPMG professionals in more than 153 countries around the world.
  • LAPA International Crewing Agents.
    LAPA Ltd. provides crews for all types of vessels in compliance with flag state standards and STCW-95 requirements.
  • Latship Agent.
    The Latvian Shipping Agency Co Ltd., better known in the English speaking shipping community as 'Latshipagent', was established in September 1991. Latshipagent provides a whole range of expertly-conducted services within the shipping industry.
  • Latvian Power Building
    In 1997 Latvijas Energoceltnieks (LEC / Latvian Power Building Ltd.) celebrated its fifth anniversary. It can proudly review its success and achievements in this rather short time period.
  • Latvian Railway
    The Latvian Railway (State Joint-Stock Company " Latvijas Dzelzcels" - 'LDZ'), is very experienced in dealing with freight and passenger traffic, with experience going back to the second half of the last century, when the first railway lines appeared in the Latvian territory.
  • A/s Latvijas Balzams.
    The enterprise today. A/S Latvijas Balzams is the biggest strong drinks manufacturer in Latvia and produces 60 percent of all products officially produced in Latvia.
  • Liepaja Special Economic Zone
    Liepaja has historically developed as a city of trade, industry and culture. Its advantageous location on the Eastern coast of the Baltic sea, with an ice free port and transport infrastructure, secure its status as a very convenient and efficient trade route between Eastern and Western Europe.
  • Latvian Mobile Telephone Company Ltd.
    LMT has established 4 customer service branch offices in Riga and one in Ventspils, an important port city. By autumn of 1998 the company employs more than 250 people. LMT does not stand still, but constantly looks for new horizons.

  • The District of Ogre.
    The district of Ogre is located in the central region of Latvia. With an area of 1,843,000 square meters, it is the second smallest district in Latvia, but the population of 639,000 inhabitants makes it the second largest district, after the district of Riga.
  • Madona District.
    The district of Madona is situated in the east of Latvia. The convenient geographical situation of the district of Madona, its rich historical and cultural heritage, landscapes and scenery and the clean air, makes Madona an ideal area for tourism.
  • Mangaly Shiprepair Yard Ltd.
    Mangaly Shiprepair Yard Ltd was established in 1944 as a repairing base for fishing vessels from the Western Parts of the USSR, and the company was privatised in December 1995. Today MS is a public stock company, with six private persons as main shareholders.
  • Maritime Administration of Latvia
    The Maritime Administration of Latvia is the arm of the government, under the Ministry of Transport, which has the overall responsibility for overseeing maritime concerns.
  • Riga Commercial Free Port
    Owing to the specific economic regime within the Free port area - tax benefits, flexibility of customs regime, high level of autonomy of the administration - an advantageous business environment has been created that promotes attraction of foreign investment, development of trade, manufacturing and service spheres, as well as acquisition of modern technologies and personnel training.
  • Riga, the capital of Latvia.
    Riga is the capital of the Republic of Latvia. Riga is not only the largest city in the Baltic States, but also the most important centre of industry, finance and transport in the Baltic region.
  • Riga District Heating.
    Our main business activities are heat energy produced at its own heat sources and the heat energy purchased from other producers, heat energy distribution, transmission and sales.
  • Riga Passanger Port - RPP
    Riga’s good reputation as the leading port in the Baltic States is most important to this proud city and the many terminals in the port of Riga, serving both passengers and cargo
  • Riga Port Authority.
    Riga Port Authority is a suitable partner for cargo transport from the East and from the West. The most important elements of cargo transit, that it is fast, cheap and convenient can be seen here.
  • Riga International Airport. - BOOK A HOTEL BY RIGA AIRPORT
    Riga International Airport is the largest in the Baltic countries. Riga International Airport is constantly fulfilling the conception of development.
  • Riga Technical University.
    One of the oldest and largest higher education establishments in Latvia and offers advanced study programmes in Engineering, Technology, Economics and Architecture.
  • Riga Water Supply
    The company that supplies water to Riga and is also responsible for discharge and treatment of wastewater has changed its name several times. Since April 29, 1996, the name of the enterprise has been 'Riga Water'. The enterprise is solely owned by Riga municipality.
  • Rigas Piena Kombinats.
    The history of our dairy dates back to 1927. The state company was privatised and restructured in 1994, becoming the Joint-Stock Company, A/s RIGAS PIENA KOMBINATS. We are now the largest milk processing plant in Latvia and have won the leading position in the Latvian dairy market.
  • Saules Bank
    Saules bank is a stable and multi-profiled credit institution offering its customers a wide range of services.
  • Serviks Riga Cleaning Service
    All the cleaning machinery, equipment and materials are supplied to Serviks Riga by well known Western companies and meet the requirements of the origin country.
  • Severstallat
    Severstallat is a Latvian-Russian joint venture, one of the largest general cargo forwarders in Latvia. The main line of business line of Severstallat JSC is forwarding and carriage of all kinds of import, export and transit cargoes by sea, by rail and air via the territory of CIS, Baltic states and all over the world.
  • Simeks SMS Ltd.
    The company Simeks SMS was founded in 1989, the basic line of its activities being importing of foodstuffs and wholesale trade.
  • Sonera Ltd.
    Sonera Corporation has rapidly become a known and respected partner in joint ventures and partnerships. The most important reason for this stems from the company’s far-reaching, long-term experience in what is arguably the world’s most open, competitive and evolved telecommunications market.
  • Sun Gate Forwarding Agency
    Sun Gate Forwarding Agency was founded in 1992. We handle and transport by rail and road general and bulk cargo, industrial heavy loads, perishable food stuffs and consumer goods, excise cargoes and cargoes labelled as dangerous.
  • Tukums City and District
    Tukums is a town on the outskirts of Kurzeme enclosed by gardens. Expressive vertical lines in its beautiful and mountainous landscape are marked by the towers of churches and the chimneys of the old distillery.
  • University of Latvia
    The University of Latvia was the first in the world to introduce Latvian as the language of tuition. Students could study the humanities (including Theology), the sciences, technical and natural sciences. introduction of Latvian as the language of tuition did not mean that other nationalities were neglected.
  • The Town of Valka
    The town of Valka is the central town in the District of Valka in north east Latvia, by the Estonian border.
  • Ventspils Commercial Port.
    Ventspils Commercial Port is a transit centre between the East and West. The port is ice-free during the most severe winters. The shortest way from East to West goes through Ventspils, and this fact is one of the most attractive features to traders transporting their goods to and from the West.
  • Viada Oil Ltd.
    Viada is one of the main retail sellers of oil products in Latvia. The company has great experience in the Latvian market, and Viada is the only company still operating of those which began in 1990 while Latvia was still part of the Soviet Union.
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