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Welcome to the Icelandic shopping center at Randburg. Here you can find a variety of Icelandic products for your online shopping pleasure. Gift ideas, original Icelandic products and handcrafts. All in the same online shopping center.

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Wool from Iceland
Icelandic hand made woolen sweaters with traditional designs and patterns. Wool accessories such as wool socks, wool scarves made from quality Icelandic wool.

Hand made jewelry from Iceland
Exact replicas of jewelryworn by the wifes of the vikings in the middle ages.

The Trinity Cross
The Trinity Cross is the symbol of the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Take a look at this beautiful artefact.

Maps of Iceland
Planning a trip? All major maps of Iceland available on-line! Shop maps of Iceland online at Randburg.

Products from Lysi
Lysi offers healthy products such as cod liver oil and Omega-3.

Calendars and playing cards
Manytypes and sizes of calendars with pictures from Iceland, playing cards and more.

Woolen goods from Arctic Nature
Arctic Nature prides itself on providing a diversity of high-quality woolen products from Iceland. Shop Icelandic wollen products online.

Books about Iceland
A wide collection of books about Iceland: photobooks and books about Icelandic literature, geology and history.

Icelandic Candy
Shop Icelandic Confectionery, candy and chocolate, from the largest candy producer in Iceland - Online.

Icelandic Movies and Documentaries
Get to know Iceland on your TV screen. All kinds of DVDs about Iceland.

Old maps of Iceland
Interesting old maps of the Island of Fire and Ice. Maps from the 16th century.

Icelandic dried fish
Dried fish is considered a delicasy in Iceland

Icelandic Music
Music performed many of Iceland's best artists such as Bjork, Bubbi, Sigur Ros and Sugarcubes. Everything from relaxing music by Fridrik Karlsson, former Mezzoforte member, to hard rock.

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