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Companies in Greenland
  • Amutsiviit, The Shipyard in Nuuk.
    We represent the leading engine factories, which is why we have the capacity and equipment to offer qualified assistance. Spares are available at listed engine factory prices.
  • INI, Housing Association.
    The Housing Association Ltd (A/S Inissiaatileqatigiiffik INI) is a new national housing association in Greenland. INI manages and maintains about 12,000 public rental houses on behalf of the Greenland Home Rule and most local governments
  • KNI Holding.
    In 1986 the Greenland Home Rule authorities took over The Royal Greenlandic Trading Company from the Danish state. The Royal Greenlandic Trading Company has been the lifeline of Greenlandic society since 1774, as the company has been responsible for almost all traffic, infrastructure and supply in Greenlan
  • Royal Arctic Line, Cargo operation.
    Royal Arctic Line was formed in 1992 with the transition of Greenland's sea transport from being a traditional and conventional cargo operation to becoming a fully modernized container operation.
  • Sanati, Architect and engineering firm.
    Sanati A/S was founded in Greenland in 1980 and is one of the oldest architect and engineering firms in the country. Its owners and staff have practiced in the technical know-how of their field since the foundation of the Home Rule Government.
  • S.I.K., Greenland Workers Union.
    Exploitation and underpay of Greenlanders started with the rapid spread of trade in the country. Exploitation and underpay continue to this day, and the Greenland trade union has always been a pioneering organization attempting to solve this problem.
  • Ministry of Social and Labour Market Affairs
    The Greenlandic Home Rule Government has, since its establishment in 1979, gradually taken over the main policy areas related to the labour market and the functions of the welfare state.
  • Tomrer & Snedkerforretning, Boat and housing construction.
    During recent years the tourist industry has grown considerably in the Nanortalik region and town, and Mr. Hansen has taken an active part in this development. He has operated various sight-seeing services in the area from the start.

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