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The University of Joensuu

University of Joensuu
The Office of International Relations
P.O. Box 111
Joensuu, Finland
Tel. + 358 73 1511
Fax + 358 73 151 4588

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The University of Joensuu is located in the heart of the eastern Finnish lake area, not far from the Russian border. The number of full-time students is about 6,000. Despite being relatively young, the university is well known for the excellence of several of its departments. The university has five faculties: the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Forestry. It also has advanced teaching and research facilities.
The university takes pride in its tradition of interdisciplinary co-operation. At the University of Joensuu, highly individualized programmes of study and research cross traditional academic boundaries. For example, the Faculty of Education benefits greatly from the interaction between educators, psychologists and sociologists. The Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences sponsor numerous research projects in eastern Finland and north-western Russia, dealing with social, economic and cultural topics. Research and teaching programmes in Biology and Forestry find common cause when it comes to renewable resources and environmental issues.
The Department of Chemistry is recognized for its advanced research in catalysis, material chemistry, organic chemistry and protein crystallography. The Department of Physics specializes in optics, especially information optics and optical material research.
The University of Joensuu maintains contacts with universities and research centres all over the world. Several research groups from the University of Joensuu participate in research programmes sponsored by the EuropeanUnion.

International study programmes taught in English:

Karelia, Russia and the Baltic Area
This one-year inter-disciplinary non-degree area studies programme includes courses in History, Geography, Finno-Baltic Languages, Ethnography and Folklore, Literature and Arts, as well as a programme in Russian Language and CultureStudies. Environmental Science and Forestry
This one-year non-degree study programme is designed to provide a firm grounding in different aspects of ecology and sustainable forestry. It is intended for students who have studied Biology, Environmental Science or Forestry for at least 2-3 years.

An International Master's Degree in Human

The international Master's degree programme in Human Geography focuses on a wide range of environmental, cultural, political and economic issues relating to the Nordic countries and East European societies. Degree-seeking students are required to have completed a Bachelor's degree or its equivalent in Geography or a related field. Visiting non-degree students may also participate in this study programme.

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